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When technology is not permitted to fail - with end-to-end digitisation to the goal. 

In medical technology, the regulatory requirements and thus the administrative expenses are constantly increasing. In order to keep pace with ISO 13485, the standard for quality management systems for medical devices, and the requirements of the Medical Device Directive (MDR), a dynamic, flexible and efficient approach is necessary. 

Due to our many years of experience in medical technology, companies benefit from digital processes with our comprehensive quality managementIMS PREMIUM enables the networking of the most diverse information and functions across entire organisational structures and sales systems. The rights-based and version-secure information and document control supports you in the preparation and distribution of information according to your needs. Thanks to a wide range of integration options and the BPM solutions tailored to your needs, you can also achieve end-to-end, cross-system digitization using executable processes, forms and measures.

You will find our technical article on this topic in the QZ, which was developed in cooperation with a Swiss manufacturer of medical equipment. The article is available to you free of charge as a PDF. 


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