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Documents and information can be maintained and controlled in a variety of ways. Nothing should be left to chance, at the latest when guidelines, standards and laws are involved. Complete documentation from creation, review, approval and distribution should be ensured for all information – whether for an event checklist or business-critical check request. Role-related authorizations ensure that every employee obtains the information or task intended for him.


IMS PREMIUM already has numerous standard approval workflows with the installation. By configuration, company-specific authorization concepts and control and distribution processes can be defined. The following modules are indispensable for the implementation of your data routing:


Documents / Content


Efficient. Preparation of documents that is always up-to-date and user-oriented.

  • Content management/templates - configurable forms
  • Connector to Windows Search (full-text search)
  • DOC tree structure
  • DocProperty (Integrated document properties)
  • PDF for Viewer



Individual. Design, networking and publication of workflows and information.

  • Group Processes
  • Company-specific layouts and settings (Chameleon process)
  • Swimlane Plus
  • Linkable system and function management



  Transparent. Perspective-related presentation of information about the company organization.

  • Training Management
  • Connector to HR systems - Automatic data transfer from HR and personnel information systems


Key Performance Indicators


Meaningful. Presenting the targets and results as the basis for decision-making.

  • Connector to databases



Disclosing. Presentation and analysis of risks.

  • Configurable evaluation catalogs and questionnaires

Process execution / Measures


Forward-looking. Demanding and promoting development and responsibility in the company.

  • 8D Reports
  • Service function Improvements/Measures
  • Connector to databases

Further solution options

Workflows – individual workflows


Complete. Step-by-step completion and automatic documentation.

Cubes – personalized information platform


Easy. Stay informed and manage tasks from your personal control center.


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