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Completely digital, process-controlled and consistent processing throughout the company

Make more out of your processes.
The digitalization of business processes is a must in today's world. But digitalization alone is not the end of the story. What if you could exploit the full potential of your digital processes? 
The solution here is automation. Thanks to system-controlled activities, individual process or workflow steps can be carried out without user interaction. In addition to saving time, this also increases process quality. In addition, employees do not have to deal with unnecessary tasks, which a flexible BPM tool can relieve you of.
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Step by step to continuous process digitization

Automation makes the difference.
In a first step it is worthwhile to optimize existing processes before they are even digitally captured. For this purpose, process users should be consulted in addition to those responsible for the process. The practical insights gained through this improve processes in everyday use and increase the company-wide acceptance of the entire system. The process and the associated workflow can then be digitally captured and modeled in the BPM tool (IMS PREMIUM).
With automation comes the decisive factor that turns static and delimited processes into digital, dynamic, linked and executable processes. By automating individual process steps or parts of the creation or release process in a targeted manner, the full potential of digitization can be exploited.

Company-wide information linking

Internal and external interfaces enable a completely continuous, digital documentation.
In order to achieve a holistic and company-wide process management with digital processes and automated procedures, the linking of documents, responsible persons, risks and key figures offers a decisive advantage. Interfaces to third-party systems also enable cross-system networking of information and processes. This way, processes are perfectly integrated and linked to the content needed in daily use.

Workflows for system-guided recording

Document decisions on content changes in a comprehensible way.
Individually adaptable, multi-stage workflows ensure a regulated and system-guided process during process creation and adaptation. Decisions, rule-controlled release steps and deviating contents are recorded and documented in a comprehensible manner. The visibility of content as well as the possibilities for workflow execution are rights-based and thus user-dependent.
Further information about process management and process digitization can be found under "Der Prozessmanager GmbH".

IMS PREMIUM offers more.

For a continuous process digitalization.

Executable process execution thanks to continuous, multi-level workflows
Flexible form design for numerous applications suitable for everyday use
Rule-controlled release steps for more efficiency and safety
Various application scenarios such as audit, CIRS, customer reportings
Completely digitalizable processes for a paperless management system
Automated distribution of tasks and content
Standard-compliant thanks to implementation of measures based on roles and authorizations
Unrestricted mobile & cloud capability thanks to state-of-the-art web technology
Modul Prozesse

The process is not only the sum of the individual activities (Deming)

We agree with Deming. IMS PREMIUM Processes meets the highest requirements for process modelling.
The way processes are represented can be specified for specific departments, users or roles. Whether as process, activity list or turtle view, the form of presentation and the level of detail of the information displayed can be configured as desired. Documents and key figures can be assigned and positions, persons and resources involved in the process can be dynamically linked or authorized. The versatile versioning allows the definition of standard processes and their deviation in other organizational units. Thus, the basic process remains the same as a default, but individual deviations are possible with version security. By means of process groups, the process map can be structured and clarity can be promoted.

Automated process management as a complete solution package

Combine the Processes module with the Process Execution module or other modules and options and benefit from end-to-end, digital process management. Process contents and tasks are linked company-wide and cross-departmentally and kept up-to-date in a simple way. Individual (or already completely preconfigured) processes and forms ensure automated, process-driven and executable creation and editing of content.

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