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seamlessly integratable & ready to use on any device

IMS PREMIUM can be conveniently operated in the cloud. The coupling can be implemented in the private or public cloud using Azure AD. Secure access works exclusively within the corporate network and with user verification. The installation and any updates are imported at the push of a button and are immediately available to all users.
Mobile & Responsive
Thanks to the web-based, touch-enabled and browser-independent software, mobile devices of any screen size can also be used for the use of IMS PREMIUM, independent of manufacturer and operating system. This is one of the major advantages over app solutions, which offer only a limited range of functions and require cumbersome installations and updates on every device.
The variety of tools that can be networked ranges from ERP, CRM and HR systems to collaboration and intranet tools as well as specific web applications and collaborative cloud solutions such as the Microsoft 365 platform. Depending on the integration requirements, standard interfaces are used or individual - e.g. tailored to process flows - connections are implemented.

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