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IMS roadmap

We are constantly improving and expanding our software. Our development is currently focused on three core topics that are planned for the coming quarters. Here we give you an overview of the main aspects of our roadmap, which focus on performance, stability and simplification.
Our goal is to increase the performance of IMS PREMIUM so that your work processes run faster and more efficiently. We are working on improvements that shorten the response times of our applications and improve the overall user experience.
The reliability of our software is crucial for the smooth operation of your business processes. We place great importance on ensuring the stability of IMS PREMIUM through continuous updates and improvements to ensure optimal functionality.
To ensure that you not only benefit from an improved user experience and a more stable system, we focus on simplification. This comes into play in various areas. On the one hand, the handling of the system is simplified to enable you to use it more efficiently. On the other hand, we optimize the update process and simplify administration for your superusers so that they need less time for routine tasks and can concentrate more on strategic activities.

Please note that our roadmap is dynamic and can adapt to new circumstances and customer feedback. Planned features and timeframes are subject to change, and we strive to be transparent in communicating our development decisions.

Your feedback is important to us

Do you have any questions about our roadmap or suggestions on how we can further improve IMS PREMIUM? We look forward to hearing from you!