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IMS PREMIUM –  Standard solutions


Training and skill management

This solution creates transparency throughout the company with regard to the need for and proof of training. The focus is on the systematic and clear management of all employee training in the company.

Document management

Where can I find the latest version of our presentation template? When is the next review of the document due? With the "Document Management" solution, such questions become superfluous throughout the company. Because thanks to cross-language versioning, every user sees the documents that apply to them; provided they are authorized to do so! In combination with the role- and user-based authorization system, display options can be implemented that leave nothing to be desired.

Key figure management

The "Key Figure Management" solution presents corporate goals and results in a comprehensible way and enables easy comparison with previous periods. The graphical management cockpit conveys all relevant information for operational and strategic decisions, system-wide and company-wide. Everything from a simple key figure system to a performance management system based on a balanced scorecard (BSC) can be realized.

Process execution evidence

Use multi-stage, audit-proof approval processes and create system-controlled verifications at the push of a button. Without paper, the "Process execution verification" solution ensures that the "6-eye workflow" is processed by the persons selected during execution. Clear representations show at a glance which verifications an employee still needs to provide. New employees can also see immediately for which topics proof of training is required.

Organisation management

Organisation management enables a comprehensive yet clear representation of the company's organization, regardless of the level at which one is located. The configurable display shows or hides information on jobs, roles and people at the touch of a button. Detailed information such as job description, requirement profile, competence matrix, training and person description are recorded as additional information of the corresponding job and can be displayed or hidden according to authorization. Training and employee evaluations are located at the corresponding job.

Process execution management

he IMS solution "Process Execution Management" supports the implementation of workflow-controlled processes and forms in all areas of the company. Target deviations, improvement suggestions, audit deficiencies and customer feedback can be quickly recorded and sustainably processed.

Process management

The "Process Management" solution enables a department-, user- or role-specific representation of processes. Whether as a process, an activity list or by means of a turtle view - the display format and the level of detail of the information displayed can be configured as desired. Documents and key figures can be assigned and positions, persons and resources involved in the process can be dynamically linked or authorized. Versatile versioning enables the definition of standard processes and their deviation in other organizational units.

Risk management

Risks can occur at all points in a company. In order to manage them, they must first be identified and recorded. The end-to-end digital and automated solution supports the risk management process from identification and documentation to initial assessment. All employees of the company are given a simple way to record an identified risk. The flow of information and the distribution of tasks to responsible persons and groups is ensured automatically.

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