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Consulting, software and other services –
all from a single source

For the digitalization...

of business processes (BPM) and quality management (QM), we offer high-quality customizable premium software solutions for smooth collaboration among people and information systems.
In addition to our own highly developed software solutions, IMS offers comprehensive services such as consulting, conceptual design, customization, individualization and implementation of the software. We are located in central Switzerland, with a sales office in Frankfurt (DE).

Our customers...

use our IMS PREMIUM software because they need clearly regulated processes and want to manage them, or because they want to execute processes compliantly and efficiently digitally, or both. The software ensures compliance, employee adherence to standards and laws and enforcement of governance. Risk management, leading with key performance indicators and sophisticated document governance round out the applications.
Typical, but not exclusive, customers are food manufacturers, process engineering companies, service providers, retailers, clinics, homes, administrations, training institutes or highly regulated companies such as those in the medical sector.

Our history...

started in 2003 with consulting activities focused on integrated management. In 2006, Jürg Sager founded IMS Integrierte Managementsystem AG with the aim of developing software that maps the entire management cycle and enables a new level of automation and information networking. Equipped with the latest technology, IMS PREMIUM as an integrated management system meets even the highest demands.
Over the years, the company has continued to grow and has successfully established itself in the market. Its customers include numerous large national and international corporations in which cross-location and workflow-capable processes are used on a daily basis.
As a forward-looking specialist for digitally designed management, IMS AG convinces not only with sophisticated management solutions. The collegial, open and creative corporate culture promotes collaborative exchange - whether for in-house idea generation or innovative customer projects. Since April 2022 Volaris Group Inc. also benefits from those valuable characteristics, as IMS AG joined their group. By using the resulting synergies, the full international potential can be unlocked.

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