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Efficient. Integrated corporate management and organization management with IMS PREMIUM.

IMS PREMIUM is both a solution platform and a supporting tool for management and employees at the same time. It presents processes and structures in a clear and rights-based manner and thus ensures an easy-to-use, user-related display of content. Irrespective of the size of company or sector, data can be recorded and easily and quickly retrieved. With versionable documents, document management ensures that the company data is up-to-date and accessible at a central location. Targets and KPIs are communicated transparently, and assessed and linked with risks. The process execution offers automated and executable processes and forms with which different solutions like measures management or continuous improvement can be implemented efficiently. With comprehensive measures management, the continuous improvement process ensures structured allocation of tasks and sustainably improves the quality of processes and workflows.
The modular structure of the software offers the advantage of putting together a company-specific management system and supplementing or extending it using selected options. The networked communication of the modules ensures a seamless information flow, regardless of the number of modules, licenses or users.


Targeted information

Direct dispatch of information to targeted groups of people

Integrated multilingual capability

Flexible combination of operating and content languages.


Independent. Operating system independent, fully web-based and integrated.

Central system management with high configurability

Assign authorizations, configure master data or change optical presentation.

Integrated PDF engine for individual PDF output

Output processes, task lists, organizational charts, KPI, risk or other evaluations as a PDF file.

Integrated, synchronizable user management

Manually or automatically (e.g. with Active Directory from Microsoft).

Module combinations for tailor-made or completely preconfigured solutions

By combining various IMS PREMIUM modules, you can put together your own tailor-made solution for your business cases. Information and tasks are thus linked company-wide and cross-departmentally and kept up-to-date in a simple way. Individually configurable processes and forms ensure automated and workflow-controlled content creation and processing.


Documents / Content


Efficient. Preparation of documents that is always up-to-date and user-oriented.

  • Content management/templates - configurable forms
  • Connector to Windows Search (full-text search)
  • DOC tree structure
  • DocProperty (Integrated document properties)
  • PDF for Viewer



Individual. Design, networking and publication of workflows and information.

  • Group Processes
  • Company-specific layouts and settings (Chameleon process)
  • Swimlane Plus
  • Linkable system and function management



  Transparent. Perspective-related presentation of information about the company organization.

  • Training Management
  • Connector to HR systems - Automatic data transfer from HR and personnel information systems


Key Performance Indicators


Meaningful. Presenting the targets and results as the basis for decision-making.

  • Connector to databases



Disclosing. Presentation and analysis of risks.

  • Configurable evaluation catalogs and questionnaires

Process execution / Measures


Seamless. Fully digital, workflow-driven and seamless processing throughout the whole company.

  • 8D Reports
  • Service function Improvements/Measures
  • Connector to databases


Chameleon – user-oriented presentation

  Adaptable. Customization of content and presentation configuration.


Cubes – personalized information platform


Easy. Stay informed and manage tasks from your personal control center.


Workflows – individual workflows


Complete. Step-by-step completion and automatic documentation.

Evaluation, assessment and audit


Interrelated. Drawing up questionnaires, providing answers, evaluation and implementation.



Traceable. Administration of company-specific training management.

Adaptable Standards and Legislation Management

Assigned. Know where which regulations apply.

Further options

  • PDF Engine
  • Document type News
  • Top Elements
  • Service function for specific e-mail notification
  • Content languages - integrated multilingual capability
  • Connector to MS SharePoint - SharePoint Integration

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