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Process management for smooth processes

Dynamic modelable processes form the basis of efficient corporate management.
Regardless of whether business or support processes are involved - there is a lot of potential in the documented procedures. Through continuous planning, modelling, verification and implementation of company-wide processes, work steps are optimised and sources of error reduced. Employees benefit from the simplified processing of tasks. And company goals can be reached faster thanks to less effort.

Bringing processes to life with IMS PREMIUM «Business Process Engine»

Process management without limits - from static, documented models to living, executable process execution
In this video you can see how IMS PREMIUM supports you in designing your processes and forms digitally throughout. You can perform all process steps in a system-guided manner and document versions in a traceable manner. 
  1. Modeling: Model processes and forms easily in any browser & use them worldwide!
  2. Documentation: Integrate dynamic information such as functions, systems, standards, risks or documents!
  3. Configure: Supplement your workflows with form springs and rules for automated decision management.
  4. Execute: Execute: Execute your assigned tasks in a system-guided and automated way with process execution.

Process digitization

Make more out of your processes.
The digitalization of business processes is a must in today's world. But digitalization alone is not the end of the story. What if you could exploit the full potential of your digital processes?
The solution here is automation. Thanks to system-controlled activities, individual process or workflow steps can be carried out without user interaction. In addition to saving time, this also increases process quality. In addition, employees do not have to deal with unnecessary tasks, which a flexible BPM tool can relieve you of.

Process documentation

Dynamic process modelling for all use cases.
In order to implement optimal process documentation in a company, several points must be considered. The basis is a flexible, transparent and dynamic mapping of processes. This includes not only the core processes but also management and support processes. It must be possible to update the respective contents (graphical and textual elements) at any time and in a comprehensible manner.
Executable process execution thanks to continuous, multi-level workflows
Flexible form design for numerous applications suitable for everyday use
Rule-controlled release steps for more efficiency and safety
Various application scenarios such as audit, CIRS, customer complaints
Completely digitalizable processes for a paperless management system
Automated distribution of tasks and content
Standard-compliant thanks to implementation of measures based on roles and authorizations
Unrestricted mobile & cloud capability thanks to state-of-the-art web technology
Solution packages for every strategy and every business area

Solution packages for every strategy and every business area

Regardless of which industry your company is active in or which products or services you offer - IMS PREMIUM offers solution packages for all requirements. The flexible combination options, which can be activated within the shortest possible time, can be used to cover rapidly changing business areas, but also to support long-term strategies. 
Benefit from well thought-out processes of a complete software and use exactly those solutions which simplify your everyday life and the everyday life of your employees. From simple holiday applications to automated risk management and cross-site audits - we offer you the right solution for your challenges at all times.

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