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IMS PREMIUM Webinar: Audit Management - From planning to the implemented measure

Consistent. From the planning, through the implementation to the tracking of defined measures.

Regular audits are part of everyday life in numerous companies. There are different types of audits with different requirements. These include internal audits such as process, product and system audits or external audits such as customer and supplier audits. In order to efficiently design the methodical documentation of all information and findings, IMS PREMIUM offers a consistently digital and automated solution: "Audit Management". From the planning of the audits to the execution and documentation of the findings and the implementation of the measures, a seamless and audit-proof process is created.


Friday, Februrary 19, 2021

10.30 - 11.30

German (French and English on request)

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Live presentation of IMS PREMIUM

  • Dynamic process management as a basis for change
  • Concept and approach of the IMS PREMIUM

Insight into the solution "Audit Management"

  • Digital support along the entire audit management process
  • Perform audit, document findings in an audit-proof manner and implement measures
  • Continuous improvement through efficient audit management
  • Control of all audits within the company
  • Simplified coordination through digitalized audit planning
  • Completely digitizable processes for a paperless management system
  • Promoting chances of success through clear target definitions
  • Distribute tasks and content automatically


We look forward to your participation in this webinar. 

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