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Now you can rely on the automated IMS solution "Personnel Entry"

... and impress new employees with a smooth and automated process!

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Network with us via social media and benefit as part of our community from the latest developments and information about integrated management.

How the full potential can be exploited with networked systems

Digitisation also changes change management: all information should also be available in a network.

Seamless assurance of the operational readiness of testing and measuring equipment

Whether test and measurement equipment management or equipment inventory, this solution allows you to record, manage and monitor production and test equipment in IMS PREMIUM.

Revolutionize enterprise management with a modern user experience and the latest technology

Find out how IMS PREMIUM was able to convince the Eberhard Unternehmungen all along the line!

Using unlimited potential - connecting people and systems

Get know-how from leading experts on effective methods for more collaboration and integrated automation in your company? Quite simply on our Innovation Day this year!

Being in the right place at the right time - a must especially in the health care sector.

The powerful software solution IMS PREMIUM with process digitalization for your quality management in health care!

Arne Schibli takes over the operational management of the company 

Jürg Sager, founder and current managing director of IMS Integrierte Managementsysteme AG, is stepping down as CEO and will now act as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

When technology is not permitted to fail - with end-to-end digitisation to the goal. 

To keep pace with ISO 13485, the standard for quality management systems for medical devices, and the requirements of the Medical Device Directive (MDR), a dynamic, flexible and efficient approach is necessary. 

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