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IMS PREMIUM – Use cases «ready to go»


Absence notification

Digital absence notification, simple, fast and documented Quick way to create, check and document a vacation request in a controlled manner. With the IMS solution "absence reporting" you get a device-independent solution. Wherever you are, you are supported in managing your absences easily and digitally.

Audit with findings and measures

The solution "Audit management with findings and measures" supports companies in the entire audit process. Not only the execution is mapped - the planning can be done in the system and the performed audits can be monitored. To check the effectiveness, the defined measures are tracked and a validation is carried out. Topic-oriented evaluations provide the desired information on the desired key date. The high degree of automation will inspire employees as much as internal and external auditors.

Critical Incident Reporting System (CIRS)

The "CIRS" solution enables the continuous digital - and thus transparent at all times - recording, analysis, processing and evaluation of safety-relevant events. The automated and process-controlled execution ensures efficient task distribution to all groups and persons involved. Thanks to the completely paperless system, the transfer of knowledge to those responsible is fast, direct, complete and traceable.
Customer report

Customer report

Use the unused potential of constructive customer complaints to optimise your services and products! With the solution "Customer Complaint" you will succeed in the continuous digital and automated handling of your complaint process, if desired with connection to your ERP system. All persons and departments involved are directly involved in the process and receive the tasks, measures and information relevant to them. Extensive evaluation options bundle all desired information and support you in the implementation of improvements and resulting innovations.
Measurement system and equipment capability

Measurement system and equipment capability

Whether test and measurement equipment management or equipment inventory, this solution allows you to record, manage and monitor production and test equipment in IMS PREMIUM.
so that the story continues.
Meeting (MoM) inkl. Massnahmen

Meeting (MoM) inkl. Massnahmen

Freuen Sie sich auf eine klare, übersichtliche und aufs Wichtigste reduzierte Organisation und Dokumentation Ihres nächsten Meetings.
Die Lösung «Meeting (MoM) inkl. Massnahmen» führt Sie automatisiert durch die Vorbereitungcheckliste Ihrer Besprechung und die zu definierende Teilnehmerliste. Im Anschluss kann direkt ein Protokoll mit dazugehörigen, delegierbaren und kontrollierbaren Massnahmen erstellt werden. Durch den effizienten, systemgeführten Ablauf gewinnt man vor und nach dem Meeting wertvolle Zeit. Zeit die man zur Umsetzung oder Kontrolle von Massnahmen sicher besser nutzen kann.
Staff entry - simple

Personnel entry with Active Directory connection

Compared to the "Staff Entry - simple" solution, this offer has a direct Active Directory connection. This means that an Active Directory user is automatically created as soon as personnel and IT managers have implemented their tasks and the "Tasks IT" step has been completed. Benefit from more efficiency and integrate your Active Directory into IMS PREMIUM.
Improvement suggestion / idea management

Improvement suggestion / idea management

Creative impulses in the form of ideas and suggestions for improvement can be managed company-wide with the solution "Improvement suggestion / idea management". From the recording of an idea to its evaluation by the review board for planning, analysis, decision and possible implementation, all information and persons involved are recorded digitally. At each automatically assigned step, the responsible person is guided in a self-explanatory and clearly arranged manner with regard to his or her task. Since all innovation potential is digitally available in the system, new ideas and impulses are easier to recognize through targeted evaluations.

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