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The “Process execution” module supports the implementation of workflow-driven processes and forms in all areas of the company. Deviations from goals, suggestions for improvements, audit discrepancies, and customer feedback can be captured quickly and processed sustainably.

Processes come to life with this solution.
Executable processes thanks to end-to-end, multi-level workflows
Flexible form design for numerous application options for everyday use
Rule-based release steps for improved efficiency and security
A wide variety of application scenarios such as customer feedback, audits
Fully digitizable workflows for paperless management system
Automated distribution of tasks and content
Standards-compliant thanks to the implementation of measures based on roles and authorizations
Unlimited mobile and cloud capability thanks to state-of-the-art web technology

From a static, documented model to living, executable processes

Fast-track. Automated distribution and documentation of tasks and content.

With the “Process execution” module, automated and executable processes and forms are taken to the next level. This not only enables the implementation of complete, standards-compliant and comprehensible documentation of all possible business cases, but also simplified, responsibility-based task management. Thanks to the combination of flexible process and workflow functionalities, static, modeled processes can be redesigned into executable processes and thus brought to life. The flexible, end-to-end and comprehensive functionality enables automated workflows to be configured as required and made available to employees. For improved efficiency, fewer faults and lower costs.

Numerous application scenarios leave nothing to be desired

Adaptable. The chameleon of integrated management systems.

Audit management

Compliance check / control

Compliance violation / non-conformance report

Suggestion for improvement

CAPA process

Measure management

Incident management (e.g. occupational accident)

Internal audit

Customer feedback / complaints

HR management (e.g. staff joining the company)

Critical Incident Reporting System (CIRS)

Evaluations on different display sizes

Comprehensive and flexible evaluations for all demands

Meaningful. From every perspective.

As versatile as the design options of process-driven workflows are, as versatile and numerous are the available evaluation options. All workflow-driven processes, measures, forms and documents can be filtered in the evaluation mask by execution type, date of execution of the workflow step, people, departments or text content of all input fields used. In simple terms, all the fields which are available for entering information can also be used in the evaluation for generating results.

It is also possible to combine several workflows, enabling you to create an evaluation that can be retrieved at the desired time, on the desired information content and the related department.

IMS PREMIUM – Integratable solution packages for flexible company requirements

Expandable. Exactly the right tool at any time.

The software solution IMS PREMIUM can be described as a workflow-driven information platform. All solution-oriented function packages for document control, GRC, quality, process, organization, risk and process execution / measures management offer the option to manage all information within the company on the basis of rights, in different versions and in a transparent manner. The innovative and user-friendly workflow functionality, which is fully tailored to customers’ requirements, is the core of the software.

There are almost no limits to the combination of solution packages and options. The modular structure enables you to react to changing company requirements at any time, without losing an overview of all management areas.

Unlimited mobile and cloud capability thanks to state-of-the-art web technology

Perfect design. Masters every screen size with honors.

All functions of IMS PREMIUM can be used with mobile devices with any screen size. Thanks to the web-based and browser-independent software, any device can be used, irrespective of the manufacturer and operating system. Simply open the already installed browser and call up IMS PREMIUM. This is one of the major advantages over app solutions which only offer a limited range of functions and which necessitate cumbersome installations and updates.

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