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  Dynamic, simple modeling of all corporate processes by representation of the individual levels
  Possibility of process maintenance by process owner and process teams
  Networked information for a perfect work tool
  Numerous display variants, also BPMN standardized

The process is not just the sum of its parts.


We agree with Deming. IMS PREMIUM processes for stringent requirements for process modeling. The display type of workflows can be specified for a specific department, user or role. Irrespective of whether a process, task list or using a "turtle view", the form of display and level of detail of the information displayed can be configured in line with requirements. Documents and KPIs can be assigned and departments, people and resources involved in the process can be dynamically linked or authorized. Comprehensive versioning enables the definition of standard processes and their deviation in other organizational units. The basic process as a specification therefore remains the same, individual deviations are however possible, with a clear audit trail. Process groups help to structure the process map and promote transparency.

Module options


Intra-company standard processes

The Group Processes option is specifically suited to companies that want to map holding structures or several sites with specific local requirements. Standardized, joint processes can be defined centrally as standard processes and can be used everywhere. Individual contents are supplemented at the desired locations and continuously passed on to the processes. The up-to-dateness of the processes is therefore guaranteed, irrespective of whether the standard process is adapted or a local, supplemented version is changed.


Company-specific layouts and settings

The Chameleon Process option combines several views in the same process. Different layouts may have different content and forms of display, which offers very flexible and user-friendly information processing. The cross-departmental creation and use of processes are simplified as each user only gets to see the information that is relevant to him. Corporate design elements can also be integrated on request.


Linkable system and function management

IMS PREMIUM enables the capture and maintenance of third-party systems and their functions. For example, this enables CRM software or only its “Enter person” function to be easily integrated and assigned to a process step or an activity. If a URL is stored in the master data, a system or function can be called directly from the process.


Organization-related display Swimlane

The swimline display enables responsibilities to be highlighted optically in a process structure. In combination with the IMS PREMIUM module Organization, this enables a multi-level process display which is consolidated via the organizational structure.


Adaptable Standards and Legislation Management

Standards and Legislation Management allows the flexible entry of the required regulations and subsequent assignment of individual chapters or legal provisions to the relevant content. The comprehensive evaluation variants enable the efficient checking of existing regulations and quickly show gaps. Especially in the case of (ISO) certifications and the related audits, this functionality simplifies work considerably.


Chameleon – user-oriented presentation

  Adaptable. Customization of content and presentation configuration.


Cubes – personalized information platform


Easy. Stay informed and manage tasks from your personal control center.


Workflows – individual workflows


Complete. Step-by-step completion and automatic documentation.

Evaluation, assessment and audit


Interrelated. Drawing up questionnaires, providing answers, evaluation and implementation.



Traceable. Administration of company-specific training management.

Standards and Legislation Management

Assigned. Knowing where which specifications apply.

Further options

  • PDF Engine
  • Document type News
  • Top Elements
  • Service function for specific e-mail notification
  • Content languages - integrated multilingual capability
  • Connector to MS SharePoint - SharePoint Integration

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