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Option Integration

Unlimited flow of information

Seamless. Overcoming system boundaries with new technologies.
Since the beginning of digitalisation, new technologies have shaped user behaviour in everyday working life as well. The expectation of being able to call up up-to-date information in a simple way at any time has also reached management systems. The key to meeting these requirements is a coherent flow of information that reduces complexity and simplifies the processing of content. A coherent flow of information that is only possible by linking new and existing IT systems.
Option Integration

You benefit from this

Outstanding. Some highlights of our extensive integration possibilities.
  • Integrative use of Azure AD, Excel, Intune, Outlook, OneDrive, OneNote, SharePoint, Planner and Microsoft 365
  • Continue workflows across software
  • Seamless task distribution incl. automatic appointment creation in MS Outlook
  • Company-wide data synchronization of a wide range of information

Integration without compromise

The variety of networkable tools ranges from ERP, CRM and HR systems to collaboration and intranet tools, specific web applications and collaborative cloud solutions such as the Microsoft 365 platform. Depending on the integration requirements, standard interfaces are used or individual - e.g. tailor-made for process flows - connections are implemented.


Collaboration with Microsoft 365

IMS PREMIUM offers the integrative use of the Microsoft 365 platform with SharePoint, OneNote, Planner, Excel, Intune, Outlook, Teams, OneDrive and other Microsoft products. The coupling can be implemented in the private or public cloud using Azure AD.



SharePoint integration for seamless document management

It can be determined whether IMS PREMIUM or MS SharePoint is used as primary system. The use of documents is greatly simplified for the user. He does not notice where the document is managed - he has direct access in both worlds. Even if a document is changed in MS SharePoint, the document remains clearly assigned and directly available in IMS PREMIUM. Document templates can be easily integrated and applied - the templates retain their full functionality.



Continue workflows seamlessly in another software

The workflow-based and system-guided processing enables complete, correct and secure information maintenance, which supports a completely paperless system even in highly regulated industries. With the direct integration of third-party systems, data can be exchanged between software products during workflow execution and workflows can be executed without media discontinuity.


Regular and automated data reconciliation

Depending on the linked third party system, data can be updated and synchronized across the company and software by means of recurring services. The possible applications range from user profiles, user roles, employee information to e-mail inboxes. Security messages can also be intercepted and optionally forwarded to IMS PREMIUM or a Microsoft solution.


Azure Active Directory as an alternative to Windows Server AD

As an alternative to the classic function of integrated login in IMS PREMIUM, automatic user login via Azure Active Directory can be solved. If the user has already logged on to the office platform on his work equipment, he is automatically logged on to IMS PREMIUM as well.

More options

Evaluation, assessment and audit


Interrelated. Drawing up questionnaires, providing answers, evaluation and implementation.

Cubes – personalized information platform


Easy. Stay informed and manage tasks from your personal control center.


Workflows – individual workflows


Complete. Step-by-step completion and automatic documentation.



Traceable. Administration of company-specific training management.

Standards and Legislation Management

Assigned. Knowing where which specifications apply.

Further options

  • PDF Engine
  • Document type News
  • Top Elements
  • Service function for specific e-mail notification
  • Content languages - integrated multilingual capability
  • Connector to MS SharePoint - SharePoint Integration

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