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  Basis for any type of question-based assessments
  Flexible selection of evaluation systems and methods
  Assignment of questionnaires to people, departments, processes and groups
  Authorization control regulates access to data

With the Evaluation option, IMS provides a flexible and powerful solution for any type of question-based assessments. Personnel assessments, process audits, question-based risk assessments or satisfaction assessments are easily set up, performed, evaluated and documented with the Evaluation option.

The time required for an evaluation or survey is significantly reduced. Time-consuming data entry is eliminated, comparative analyses can be carried out with no effort required and the results are automatically documented and archived.


Structured questionnaires for all requirements

The very flexible questionnaire creation tool enables surveys to be implemented in a structured and categorized manner. The solution features a flexible selection of evaluation methods. From simple Yes/No answers through to highly complex, multi-level matrix evaluation systems, everything is possible.


Organized and authorization-driven

Questionnaires can be assigned within IMS PREMIUM to persons, departments, processes and groups. This simplifies navigation and finding the evaluation. So, for example, for a process evaluation you can open the evaluation form directly in the process or call previous evaluations in the same location.


Evaluation of immediate actions

Particularly with audits, it is essential that measures are described and initiated for certain assessments. To prevent measures from not simply being filed away with the evaluation as an annex to individual evaluation points and thus forgotten, the Evaluation option can be linked to the IMS PREMIUM process execution module for Measures and Improvement Management.


Variety of analysis options

The Evaluation option enables the easy evaluation of the data across many dimensions. Thus it is easily possible, for example, to consolidate results of surveys across departments. Both comparisons over time and location are possible.


Ready-made solutions

The IMS PREMIUM option Evaluation can be installed with optional pre-configuration. Thus, for example, a VDA 6.4 template or a MExEM model (German acronym for Model for Excellence Development of Employees) are available as ready-made templates for IMS PREMIUM.

More options

Chameleon – user-oriented presentation

  Adaptable. Customization of content and presentation configuration.


Cubes – personalized information platform


Easy. Stay informed and manage tasks from your personal control center.


Workflows – individual workflows


Complete. Step-by-step completion and automatic documentation.



Traceable. Administration of company-specific training management.

Standards and Legislation Management

Assigned. Knowing where which specifications apply.

Further options

  • PDF Engine
  • Document type News
  • Top Elements
  • Service function for specific e-mail notification
  • Content languages - integrated multilingual capability
  • Connector to MS SharePoint - SharePoint Integration

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