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  Complete data management and control
  Comprehensive search and list functions
  Collaborative work
  Flexible authorization management

Where can I find the latest version of our presentation template?

When is the next document review scheduled?

Document management renders these questions unnecessary throughout the company. For thanks to cross-lingual versioning, each user sees the documents which are applicable to him, provided he has the required authorization! In combination with the role and user-based notification system, display options can be implemented which leave nothing to be desired.

Audit cycles and status management help to keep documents up-to-date.

Specific workflows are used to control documents and ensure comprehensive document management.

Module options


Content management/templates - configurable forms

The Content Management option enables input forms to be easily designed, managed, evaluated and formatted in a uniform manner throughout the company.

  • Template Contract Management
  • Template Management of testing and measuring tools

DocProperty (integrated document properties)

Properties such as the creator and date of creation can be dynamically transferred to the Office documents added to IMS PREMIUM. Information between different systems are thus synchronized and kept up to date seamlessly.



PDF for Viewer

If the function "Create PDF for Viewer" is selected for an Office document, the system automatically creates a PDF file for each available language. This makes the manual creation of PDF files unnecessary and a non-editable PDF file will be displayed to the user with only Viewer rights without any additional effort.


Connector to Windows Search (full-text search)

Full-text search enables searching through the content of Office documents in IMS PREMIUM.


DOC tree structure

The option allows the display of documents, processes, organizational units in a tree-structure comparable to that in Windows Explorer.



Chameleon – user-oriented presentation

  Adaptable. Customization of content and presentation configuration.


Cubes – personalized information platform


Easy. Stay informed and manage tasks from your personal control center.


Workflows – individual workflows


Complete. Step-by-step completion and automatic documentation.

Evaluation, assessment and audit


Interrelated. Drawing up questionnaires, providing answers, evaluation and implementation.



Traceable. Administration of company-specific training management.

Standards and Legislation Management

Assigned. Know where which specifications apply.

Further options

  • PDF Engine
  • Document type News
  • Top Elements
  • Service function for specific e-mail notification
  • Content languages - integrated multilingual capability
  • Connector to MS SharePoint - SharePoint Integration

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