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Anyone wanting to survive in the face of increasingly global competitors in the fiercely competitive trade and services sector has to be efficiently organized and work in a customer-oriented manner. Changing customer requirements and resulting structural changes place high demands on in-house quality management.

IMS PREMIUM enables the maintenance of cross-country, cross-site and cross-departmental processes which, on the one hand, can be specified as the standard, but on the other hand can be enabled as individual processes. Versioning by means of configurable release workflows enables complete traceability of all deviations and uses.


Our solutions

  • Customizable process modeling of simple to highly complex processes

  • End-to-end, continuous improvement process with measures management

  • Organizational overview of all sites and departments including job description and contact data

  • Information platform Cubes shows pending tasks, recently modified processes and news from the company

  • Standards and Legislation Management for the introduction and maintenance of certifications (e.g. ISO 9001)

Benefits for you

  Modularly structured system, expandable and customizable in accordance with the company's needs

Company-wide documentation control with versioning


Configurable workflows for authorization-driven process, document and measure releases


Seamless integration of existing systems such as Active Directory or MS SharePoint



Mapping of processes

Process maps, modeling of cross-location standard or individual processes. User-oriented display by means of individual favorite processes. Deviations from the previous version can be seen at a glance.



Document management

Free design of documents and easy integration of existing documents. Authorization-related control of documents thanks to complete versioning and individual release workflows.



Structuring of organization

Overview of responsibilities through a complete and cross-site presentation of the organizational structure including job profile and dynamically linked staffing.



Continuous improvement 

Quick entry and processing of complaints and suggestions for improvement. Holistic processing of customer requests, including controlling and improvement.



Management of risks

Risk management across all areas from production to real estate management. Simple ICS implementation including evidence.



Evaluation of KPIs

KPI cockpit for controlling and overview of results and targets.



Connection of existing systems

Integration of existing systems and prevention of duplicate administration effort. Automatic synchronization of user data.

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