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IMS PREMIUM – For every industry and company size

Volatile markets, shorter product life cycles and an increasing cost pressure have lead to a situation in which it is no longer sufficient to only react to changes. Drive change in your industry now.
In the upcoming years, rail companies throughout Europe will face more and increasingly complex regulatory requirements. This requires an efficient management tool with seamless process management.
Direct communication/information, clear processes and responsibilities, and reliable task management. These are optimal foundations for quality and patient safety in the hectic daily routine of clinics and care.
Trade / Services
Anyone who wants to hold their own against increasingly global competitors in the fiercely competitive retail and service industry must be efficiently organized and work in a customer-oriented manner.

It is not only in the development and manufacture of products that a high level of quality must be presented to the market. Good advice and reliable service are also convincing in sales and subsequent customer care.
Whether in the industrial sector, in gastronomy or in retail - quality is the decisive purchase criterion for the customer. By means of efficient process documentation, quality and safety can be proven, maintained or increased.
Medical Technology
Good quality work, a comprehensible product life cycle and standardized processes are indispensable components in medical technology. Each cycle phase requires different processes, information and employees.
Public Organisations
Whether it is a social institution, NPO, foundation or school - it is important to provide a high quality service while using as few resources as possible and at the same time observing constantly changing requirements.
Pharmaceutical / Chemistry / Laboratories
Laboratory work requires the highest precision from equipment and people. Regular calibrations of machines and training of employees are therefore on the agenda. Documentation must be efficient, yet accurate.

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