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We invest in the future!

Working at IMS means,
to help design innovative software solutions for business management and to contribute their own ideas.
But there are other good reasons why working with us is fun!
Become part of our motivated team and help us shape the success story of IMS!



Exciting tasks & new technologies

Numerous challenging tasks are waiting to be solved with initiative and responsibility. State-of-the-art technologies are used for this.


Open corporate culture & communication

We are living an open and active corporate culture. We function and act as a team and foster it with regular, joint lunches and respectful interaction with each other.


Flexible working hours & training

We offer flexible working hours, family-friendly home-office days, various team events and support employees in initial and advanced training.


Equal treatment, equal opportunities and equal pay

We consider different cultures, views, skills and experience as an enrichment and promote and respect these.


Collaborative thinking is welcomed

We really appreciate it when employees think in a business-oriented manner and support the existing team spirit. Different opinions and suggestions are taken seriously.



Coffee & Co. on the house

We know how manipulative this issue may be for software developers 😉, but we know that we are taking a big risk: drinks (coffee, tea, water) are always available free of charge.

We support the next generation!

We regularly train professionals in the fields of information technology and business. In the course "Computer scientist EFZ, application development", two practical years in the company follow the two years of schooling already completed. In our company, interns get to know the whole spectrum of application development and actively participate in the development of existing and new solutions.
Business people (EFZ, B-profile) also have the opportunity, after two school years, to do a one-year internship with us and get to know all aspects of different administrative departments.
This has been crowned with particular success in recent years - our graduates were always among the best of the year and were awarded with honorary entries!
  • 2014: Andrea Eichenberger (she has also received the honorary registration of the canton of Lucerne)
  • 2016: Thomas Wessner
  • 2018: Fazli Krasniqi
  • 2019: Tarik El Tohami
  • 2020: Said Said

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