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Integrated evaluation, control and monitoring.
Whatever the size or the sector: every company currently has to face the challenge of creating and checking cross-location or interdepartmental targets and process flows, and of establishing and maintaining business relations, while observing statutory regulations and social rules. Maintaining an overview of the complex interaction of guidelines and associated risks, applicable standards and access rules is challenging.

Clarity and transparency through networked tasks, competencies and responsibilities
Specification/standards/law management for transparent documentation
Integrated risk management with risk definition, assessment and measures
Audit-proof thanks to digital end-to-end and workflow-driven processes
Planning, execution and documentation of compliance checks, reviews and audits
Internal control system (ICS) with cyclic or individually defined checks
User-oriented, role-based information for simple and efficient execution of tasks
Comprehensive evaluation variants for checking and simple information management
GRC Image

Documenting correlations and specifications of the entire organization

Transparent. Mapping and management of complex and company-wide specifications.

Correlations and specifications of the entire organization can be easily mapped and supported with functions tailored to Governance, Risk and Compliance. Risks can be assessed and monitored, and mitigating measures can be derived. At the same time, the achievement of targets can be directed with the help of well thought out performance management and, where necessary, corrective measures can be taken and monitored.


Skillful assessment, control and mitigation of risks


Comprehensive. Digital and integrated management of the entire risk cycle.
  • Identify and record risks, evaluate them using risk matrices and define responsibilities for monitoring them
  • Perform assessments in a structured and consolidated manner across multiple locations and divisions
  • Create preventive, risk-reducing or event-related measures directly related to the risk
  • Automated review mechanisms and clear representations of open tasks and responsibilities

Making compliance specifications transparent, verifying conformity and preventing damage


Audit-proof. Digital, end-to-end and workflow-driven processes for complete verification.
  • File relevant specifications (laws, statutes, directives, standards, etc.) in a versioned form and release them in a workflow-controlled manner
  • Obtain notification of new or amended requirements from the persons concerned by means of a read receipt
  • Define and conduct compliance audits, record compliance violations and initiate measures to restore or improve compliance

Effective definition and monitoring of ICS checks


Risk-based. Defining process-related or company-wide checks.

The internal control system (ICS) can be implemented using a risk-based approach. In this case, process-related or company-wide checks can be defined cyclically or individually and responsibilities can be assigned.

The parties carrying out the checks will be alerted of their upcoming checks and can enter verification of the execution of these checks directly in the system.

GRC Audit

Independent monitoring - 2nd and 3rd line of defense


Plannable. Workflow-driven performance of audits and reviews and audit-proof documentation.

Audits or internal reviews can be easily planned, carried out in a workflow-driven, verifiable process and therefore documented in an audit-proof manner. Statements or recommendations relating to optimization of checks are recorded directly and measures for eliminating weaknesses are initiated.

Extensive evaluation options, thanks to end-to-end digitalization


Limitless. Evaluations from a wide variety of perspectives.

All GRC topics described can be digitally mapped with IMS PREMIUM. The end-to-end, integrated recording of information enables a large number of evaluations from a wide variety of perspectives. Regardless whether compliance specifications, checks, compliance testing, audits or internal reviews – there are comprehensive evaluation options (reporting) for every topic.


Cubes information platform on different devices

Tasks, information and news at a glance


Personal. Role-based information processing for efficient task completion.

Cubes Information Platform presents open tasks or changed content in a role-based and clear way:

  • Handy management cockpit - it sees relevant key figures, risks and news at a click
  • Risk manager finds risks and derived measures
  • Control performer sees upcoming controls
  • Auditor maintains overview of assigned audits, documented findings and derived measures
  • Compliance Officer sees open measures or changed guidelines
IMS PREMIUM solution packages

Integratable solution packages for flexible company requirements

Expandable. Exactly the right tool at any time.

The software solution IMS PREMIUM can be described as a workflow-driven information platform. All solution-oriented function packages for document control, GRC, quality, process, organization, risk and process execution / measures management offer the option to manage all information within the company on the basis of rights, in different versions and in a transparent manner. The innovative and user-friendly workflow functionality, which is fully tailored to customers’ requirements, is the core of the software.

Unlimited mobile and cloud capability thanks to state-of-the-art web technology

Perfect design. Masters every screen size with honors.

All functions of IMS PREMIUM can be used with mobile devices with any screen size. Thanks to the web-based and browser-independent software, any device can be used, irrespective of the manufacturer and operating system. Simply open the already installed browser and call up IMS PREMIUM. This is one of the major advantages over app solutions which only offer a limited range of functions and which necessitate cumbersome installations and updates.

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