Business process management and integrated management in one solution

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Live processes, increase quality - quick and easy

The central focus of the integrated management system is on business processes (BPM)

IMS PREMIUM Processes enables the simple design, control and optimization of processes. All corporate processes are mapped in a clear manner and goals are stored. The multi-level process structure is clearly organized from the process overview down to the individual activities. The relevant information, documents and key performance indicators as well as all the people and resources that participate in the process are assigned to each process. Process transparency is implemented across areas and company-wide.

The benefit for you thanks to

. Comprehensive Business Process Management made simple
. Clear presentation of processes and user-friendliness
. Company-specific layouts and settings in line with your CD
. Group-wide and country-specific processes in parallel
. Process maintenance by process owners and process teams results in lived processes
. The latest method in BPM: Chameleon process
. Supports international standards and norms such as ICS, ISO, TQM, EFQM etc.


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Special features

• Intuitive, easy-to-use interface, little training effort
• Possibility of process maintenance by process owner and process teams
• Detailed authorization management for all process contents
• Modeling of all corporate processes by representation of the individual levels
• User-friendly process overview with representation of key process information such as phases, input/output, process owner, goal, tools, risks
• Process modeling in accordance with the BPMN standard is possible
• Multilingual capability of all contents with management of translation authorizations
Additional options such as Group Processes, Chameleon process, Swimlane+ etc.

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