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Simple implementation of changes - gain time and get information

Overview with the management cockpit

Corporate goals and results are compared and presented in a comprehensible manner in this controlling tool. The graphical management cockpit provides all the relevant information for operative and strategic decisions. The software includes all relevant control variables across systems and company-wide. Necessary corrective measures are recorded directly and monitored. From a simple performance indicator system to a balanced scorecard - everything is possible. Comprehensive graphical reports are available.

The benefit for you thanks to

• Focus on success-related criteria
• Genuine management cockpit thanks to link with strategic objectives
• Expandable from a simple performance indicator system to a balanced scorecard (BSC)
• Comprehensive graphical reports
• Quick to learn and simple to operate
• Supports international standards and norms such as ICS, ISO, TQM, EFQM etc.


Module KPI

Special features

• Simple capture and comprehensible presentation of corporate goals and process goals
• View of current results at a glance and comparison by means of graphics and indicators
• Management cockpit with meaningful performance indicators as a basis for decisions
• Direct assignment of necessary measures to the relevant performance indicator
• Well-structured controlling of processes and organizational units
• Efficient analysis option using graphical evaluations and comparisons
• Ease of operation and minimum maintenance
• Software solution developed with state-of-the-art technology
• Interface for systems such as ERP, BDE, financial accounting etc.
Additional options such as connector to databases etc.

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