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The leading software for integrated management

A management software with personalized settings

IMS PREMIUM is the ideal technology platform on which to develop a comprehensive business process. It is the key to sustainable improvement of performance and optimization of results on the way to operational excellence. The solution provides the basis for business process oriented corporate management. Processes, resources and organizational structures are clearly presented. Targets and key performance indicators are presented intelligibly. With IMS PREMIUM you have a powerful tool that enables you to continuously improve your processes in a multinational context. IMS PREMIUM is web based, modular and contains in a complete form following modules: Processes, Organisation, Document Management, Key Performance Indicators, Improvement (CIP), Risk, Projects. The software is offering unique setting possibilities, matching company and user specifications.

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What is IMS PREMIUM offering?

· Overview of all mangement areas
· Real leadership cockpit with Key Performance Indicators
· Future-oriented Business Process Management
· Consistent improvement controlling - Continuous Improvement Process
· Transparency over the organisation units
· Pragmatical Risk Management and Internal Control System
· All sectors and sizes of organisation appropriate
· Easy integration to ERP systems and SharePoint
· Fully web-based - a web browser and access to the intranet or internet is all that
is required
· Easy user guidance

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Easy integration in peripheral systems

Integration also means consolidation. The user requires a self-explanatory platform from which all the relevant information and documents can be reached. IMS PREMIUM offers many possibilities to support all the different systems that are in use. Thus, for example, SAP modules can be integrated.

· Integration in ERP systems
· Integration in portals
· DMS integration
· Interface from HR systems to IMS PREMIUM organization
· Visual adjustment to customer designs

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Options according to requirements

IMS PREMIUM can be specific supplemented with divers options and therefore improve productivity in additionally.

· Group processes: several sites with local specific requirements
· Chameleon process: multidimensional representation of processes
· Swimlane-Plus: Swimlane representation by organizational structure
· System and function management: system and their functions can be assigned to the process steps
· Training management: comprehensive master data management, checking and documentation of training
· Content management: recording of customer-defined forms (masks) to record, manage and evaluate by metadata
· Connector to HR systems: import and synchronization of HR-datas from SAP-HR
· CIP-Connector: configurable connector to various databases
· 8D-Reporting: generates 8D-Reports from the CIP-Module
· Service function CIP: automatic creation of CIPs from e-mails or Web pages
· Connector to windows search: full-text search for documents
· DOC-tree structure: structured document administration
· DocProperty: automatic insertion of all document information in Office files
· PDF-Viewer: automatic PDF creation of Office documents from the module document management
· PDF-Engine: flexible creation of PDF files
· Document type News: representation of news-related information via document management
· Top Elements: personal list of the most frequently used documents, document groups and processes
· Service function Email: specific e-mail messages
· Connector to MS SharePoint: connection to SharePoint document management (other DMS on request)

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Software made in Switzerland

IMS products are Swiss products and are 100% Swiss developed. We are committed to the principle of Switzerland as a business location and support the organization